Come and join the club....

The Slumber Club creates a stylish and unique party for your child and their special friends. Let us build happy and fun sleepover memories that will last a lifetime for your little people who dream big!

We take the party stress away from grown-ups. The Slumber Club team will set-up and style your selected teepee collection complete with mattresses, sheets, blankets & gorgeous accessories to ensure you and your campers have everything to get them through the night. To wrap it up, we come back the next day (with a coffee for parents in hand!) and take it all away!

Select from one of our unique collections below or let us help you create your own Slumber Club.

When is my next sleepover party?!
— James
My party made me feel so excited
— Willow
Magical Teepee Party
— Alison x

slumber club collections

marshmallow dreams

Marshmallow Dreams is soft and sweet with its sprinkles of gorgeous metallic teepees, lighting and lush accessories - a beautiful peaceful space for birthday treats and bedtime chatter. 


boys hub

Sleepovers are not just for girls, this collection is perfect for your group of boys who love adventure with great friends. The selection moody patterned fabrics and textures will bring out the imagination in these little guys and make your party one to remember. 

tutti frutti

boho magic

Boho Magic is colourful and free flowing like every chic boho child should be. Fabulous textured fabrics and finishes will fill this teepee collection bringing magic to your party. Complete with dreamcatchers and beautiful and lush eclectic accessories will take your free spirited little ones to dreamy world.


Make your party extra special and take your little guests off into Dreamland with this gorgeous teepee set-up. The Dreamland collection is an assorted range of soft sorbet coloured teepees and linen combined with cute accessories and sprinkles of lighting.

flamingo fashionista

Tutti Frutti is fresh, bold and fun! This sleepover collection is perfect for those kids with bright eyes and bushy tails ready for a sleepover that dazzles! These Tutti Frutti teepees and accessories are bursting with colour for those campers with the personalities to match.

Flamingos are stylish, pretty and never go out of fashion. This is cute collection of pink and aqua teepees in assorted shades and patterns combined with gorgeous flamingo accessories and bunting, makes a sleepover fashion statement.